Evolutionary Ecology

I am really interested in understanding the genetic basis of evolution. How do naturally occurring mutations affect traits, and how does natural selection act on combinations of traits to affect evolutionary change? Using a combination of field and lab studies in the threespine stickleback fish, I hope to identify the genetic basis of multiple traits, and test why certain trait(s) are advantageous.

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2016 – Present
University of Bern, Institute of Ecology and Evolution
PhD Student
Advisor: Catherine Peichel
2014 – Present
University of Washington, Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program
PhD Student
Advisor: Catherine Peichel
2010 – 2015
San Francisco State University
Master of Science, Biology (Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology)
Thesis: “Divergence of hoxa paralogs is associated with a novel percomorph intestinal feature”
Advisor: Karen Crow
2008 – 2012
California Academy of Sciences
Molecular Laboratory Assistant
Supervisor: Dave Kavanaugh
2005 – 2010
University of California, San Francisco
Staff Research Associate III
Supervisor: Mignon Loh
2003 – 2005
University of California, San Francisco
Staff Research Associate II
Supervisor: Kathy Ivenetich
1999 – 2003
Connecticut College
Bachelor of Arts, Zoology
Advisor: Philip T. Barnes