July 2018: Family reunion at the 9th International Conference on Stickleback Behavior and Evolution in Kyoto, Japan. Katie can't believe she is an academic grandmother, and so organized a photo with her current group (Sophie Archambeault, Matt Zuellig, Matt Josephson), her postdoc advisor David Kingsley and his current group, former Kingsley Lab postdoc Craig Miller and his group, plus Katie's former postdocs Mike White and Jun Kitano and their groups! Thanks to Jun Kitano for organizing a fantastic meeting.
June 2018: Matt Josephson, Diana Rennison, and Matt Zuellig enjoy a refreshment at the Bundesplatz in Bern after a sunny day of collecting clover for the Global Urban Evolution Project (GLUE). This project isn't on sticklebacks, but still on a topic close to our heart: parallel evolution! It will be cool to see whether the parallel clines of hydrogen cyanide levels in clover along urban-rural gradients in North America are replicated in Europe.
May 2018: Katie gave a plenary talk at the first Population, Evolutionary and Quantitative Genetics Conference, sponsored by the Genetics Society of America. April Wei tweeted her awesome notes from the talk!
March 2018: Former Peichel Lab members Mike White and Shaun McCann joined current Peichel Lab members Katie Peichel, Matt Zuellig, Hilary Poore and Sophie Archambeault for a sunny day on the Schlittelweg in Mürren.
November 2017: We celebrate American Thanksgiving the Swiss way - with fondue!
August 2017: Sophie Archambeault takes a family photo with a fossil of the stem chordate Pikaia gracilens at the Burgess Shale, Canada.
May 2017: Diana Rennison surrounded by her supervisors at the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution meeting in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. From left to right: Tom Reimchen (Bachelors, University of Victoria), John Taylor (Masters, University of Victoria), Diana Rennison, Dolph Schluter (PhD, University of British Columbia), Katie Peichel (Postdoc, University of Bern).
November 2016: We celebrate our first American Thanksgiving in Bern!